The peace game jam, is a game jam with its goal to develop games with a focus on peace.

The thought behind it, is to bring together everyone who is interested in peacebuilding, activism, making games, and expanding the ways that games can be used to create positive impact. Show the world that games are not only about killing each other! Make games that can create new ways of interaction.

Friday the 5th of October is going to be the Introduction Day, we will have short talks and a introduction to the jamming itself, with useful tips and tricks, you can use during the jam. Our doors will open around 7pm.

Saturday the 6th is the actual Jam Day, we will have a small kick-off and then you’re ready to jam! You will have the whole day from 10am till 8pm, after that we will collect all the great games you made and each group can present, what they accomplished during the jam.

We are going to have a safe space policy, which has 0 harassment toleration, read the full policy here.



It was a blast, amazing games resulted out of the jam and we had a really good time 🙂

Here is a picture gallery of impressions from the Peace Game Jam!

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

You can find all the games here.

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