Civic Game Jam


Team Civic Game Jam: Viktor Fleurot, Pascal Tsach, Csongor Baranyai, Johanna Janizewski, Victoria Güler, Lorenzo Pilia, Sebastian Uribe, Zoe Koc, Mascha Camino

Civic Game Jam is an 48h long jam with a focus on civic topics.

We don’t need more facts, we need better stories!

The Civic Game Jam series will use video games as a medium for creative liberation, activism and resistance.

Participants will create, expand and enrich game experiences around three main themes and their interplay: nature, humans and machines.

We already had three successful Jams at the UE Germany.
You can find the recaps and the great results here:

Civic Game Jam I // Nature
Civic Game Jam II // Humans
Civic Game Jam II // Humans // Games 
Civic Game Jam III // Machines

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